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Puppy Trainer In Epping, Essex


Does your puppy go from sunggly cute puppy, to crazy bitey puppy in no time at all?


Get your FREE MUST HAVE Puppy Bitey Check List now!


Discover the key areas that might be causing your puppy to go from 0 to 100 with their biting!


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Happy Training!

 Early learning can help prevent any unwanted behavioural problems

later on in your dogs life.

Owning a puppy will bring many smiles and laughter to your home

but the first few weeks can be very overwhelming!


  • The sleepless nights.....
  • Stepping in puddles of wee.....
  • Constantly chasing your puppy around the house when they have stole a sock or tea towel of the washing line......
  • Having your puppy pulling you down the road on a walk.....
  • Jumping up at visitors.....
  • Or chewing everything in sight!



Well it doesn't have to be like that,

because we are here to help

and guide you with your puppy.


Whether it may be:

joining our online mini puppy training courses

joining our membership

or having a home training session.



We are here to help you going from over feeling

overwhelmed, confused and not knowing where to start,

to feeling confident, happy and have clarity and direction with your puppy training journey!

Mini Courses

Essential MUST HAVE mini courses to get quick results for you and your puppy!


Toilet Training

Puppy Biting

Confident Puppy

Puppy Power


Have all the training support you need with other like minded puppy parents form the day you bring your puppy home.

Includes 3 mini courses and a trainer in your pocket and much more!



Home Visits

One on one training sessions in the comfort of your own home.


A customized training plan that will cover; toilet training, puppy nipping, jumping up, walking nicely on a loose lead and more.