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Dog and puppy training

Is Your Puppy......

  • Peeing & pooing indoors?
  • Nipping your hands & feet?
  • Jumping up at people?
  • Stealing socks & tea towels?


Is Your Dog......

  • Pulling you on lead?
  • Jumping up at people?
  • Running away when called?
  • Chewing door frames, shredding pillows & barking when left alone?


We also offer online training through video call to help you with some basic advice and guidance to some common problems that you may be having with your dog. We also offer personalized puppy video call training as well as an online training course for both your puppy and your dog if you want to train in the comfort of your own home.

Grab your Free Perfect Puppy PDF and get started with preparing your puppy for everyday life.


It covers: socialization, toilet training, how puppies learn, signs of stress, management and more.


It also includes your puppy schedule/routine and your free socialization check list!


Click on the image to grab your PDF now!


Happy Training!

Owning a puppy or a dog will bring many smiles and laughter to your home.


Sometimes a new puppy can be overwhelming with the sleepless nights, stepping in puddles of wee, chasing your puppy when they have stole a sock of the washing line and constantly chewing everything in sight!


As they grow up, some behavioural problems may start to appear. Walking your dog is not enjoyable anymore, as they are constantly pulling you down the road. They begin to learn that jumping up at people is fun, or maybe your dog just runs off over the park and doesn't come back to you when you call him?.


Well it doesn't have to be like that because we are here to help you with your puppy or dog. Whether it may be joining our online puppy training course or our online dog training course, having a home training session or booking in for a quick video call to help with any puppy or dog related questions that you may need answering.


What others are saying:

  • "We learnt so much, thank you" 
  • "My puppy has really improved in such a short time"   
  • "Zoe did a fantastic job of training them" 
  • "The course has been really beneficial for me and my puppy, thank you"     


Want a well mannered puppy that is peeing and pooing outside, greets people in a calm manner and a dog that walks nicely on a loose lead and comes back to you when you call them? Or if you just want some more information.....


Contact us now on 07896 708 226 or send us an email  Speak soon!



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