Dog Behaviour Training - HOME VISIT

Happy Dogs....Happy Owners...

Owning a dog will bring many smiles and laughter to your home,

but sometimes we can feel overwhelmed with new behaviours that may arise!


Do you feel like your dog is always pulling you down the road on a walk?


Are you embarrassed when your dog jumps up at people?


Does your dog run off & not come back when you call them?


Is your dog just not listening to you when outside?

Don't worry....... I am here to help you!

Dog home training sessions are ideal for those that wish to have one on one training

in the comfort of their own home/environment.


Dog training classes are not always effective for every dog.

It may be that your dog finds classes too stressful or overwhelming

and is not able to focus on the training.


Or maybe classes just don't cover a problem that you may be having with your dog.



  • Enjoy going out for your walks with your dog again
  • Feel relived that your dog is not jumping up at people anymore
  • Have your dog coming back to you when you call them.
  • Most of all, feel proud that you can take your dog anywhere!


Get faster results with our one on one customized training plan



Early learning can help prevent

any unwanted behavioural problems

later on in your dogs life


Some Common Behavioural Problems

  • Pulling On Lead
  • Jumping Up
  • Running Away When Called
  • Over Excited
  • Stealing Objects
  • Chasing Bikes/Cars
  • Basic Training Skills; Sit, Down, Wait, Stays
  • Wont Listen
  • Nervousness

A customized training plan

to suit you and your dog



£55 per hour or

£70 for 1.5 hours




3 x sessions £150

4 x sessions £195


  Dog Home Training Session.


For more information or to book in for your dog training session, please contact us on:

Tel: 07896 708 226 or Email: