Dog Behaviour Training - Home Visit

"Instructions are clear and surprisingly easy to follow"


"We have 3 dogs one of whom is quiet difficult to handle especially on walks. After just one session with Zoe we were able to deal much better with him - even though he is already an adult. We learned so much about handling our dogs in now three sessions. I would highly recommend Zoe to anyone who has a dog. Her instructions are clear and surprisingly easy to follow and make perfect sense. Defiantly worth calling Zoe!"


Alison with Bubble the Golden Retriever Cross

Dog home training sessions are ideal for those that wish to have one on one training in the comfort of their own home/environment.


Dog training classes are not always effective for every dog. It may be that your dog finds classes too stressful or overwhelming and is not able to focus on the training. Or maybe classes just don't cover a behavioural problem that you may be having with your dog.

Some Common Behavioural Problems

  • Pulling On Lead
  • Jumping Up
  • Running Away When Called
  • Toilet Training
  • Stealing Objects
  • Chasing Bikes/Cars
  • Basic Training Skills; Sit, Down, Wait, Stays
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Nervousness

A customized training plan to suit you and your dog.



£45 per hour or

£60 for 1.5 hours



  Dog Home Training Session.


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