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Happy dogs...... happy owners......


"Extremely Professional, Knowledgeable and Patient"


"Zoe helped greatly train my puppy who was seemingly impossible to recall. She was very patient and knowledgeable and would 100% recommended her. "


James with Lola the Mini Irish Doodle.

 "Zoe Is Great & Brilliant Dog Trainer"


"Zoe is great and a brilliant trainer. She always explained clearly and made us feel at ease which in turn gave us confidence with training our puppy Barney. She has given us the tools to understand our puppy behaviour and how to teach him going forward.

Thank you Zoe your a star and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.

If you have a problem with your dog contact Zoe ASAP"


David & Deborah With Barney the Border Collie.

 "Truly Amazing"


"Honestly could not thank Zoe enough! Truly amazing!  I’m currently living at home with my parents, we wanted to get a dog for many reason besides absolutely loving the idea of a dog and we have now had ziggy since he was 3 months, he’s now 1year and 3 months, we have been to a couple of training places which have been really good but needed help with specific things like guarding, lead training, behavioural training and separation anxiety. Ziggy is an amazing dog but these few things were making everything harder, my friend from work recommended Sam and to be honest I was quite sceptical because we had tried so many things and it was getting to much also stressing the family out but WOW ziggy is like a different dog!  Zoe is very patient, ziggy loves her and so reassuring not to mention we feel good when we have done something right! Still more to do but we love our sessions with zoe, I cannot recommend her enough!!"


Ellie with Ziggy the Cavapoo.



"Brilliant Dog Trainer!"


"I have been to multiple trainers with my very hyper French bulldog and did not have any success but Zoe has really helped me with giving me the tools to help try and calm him down in certain situations. His training is still ongoing but I find her and her advice brilliant and would definitely recommend her for training to anyone that has issues with their dog!"


Charlotte with Arthur the French Bulldog.


"Amazing Dog Trainer!"


"Zoe is a great dog trainer. We have had our three dogs trained with her over the past 8 years. Her methods are easy to follow and she is understanding of both your’s and your dogs needs. I highly recommend her"


Tracy with Wooster & Bertie the Cockapoos & Woody the Cyprus Terrier Cross.



"What a lovely friendly trainer. Zoe was brilliant with our 4month old boarder terrier. We had an issue with him going crazy every time the doorbell rang. She spent some time with him and he was like a new dog she was brilliant at answering all our questions and we really felt she wanted to train the dog not just doing it because its her job. She also helped with him going to the toilet outside and must say our pup now goes outside for the toilet. She left us with some fantastic training tips and our pup had continued to progress. Zoe also got me and my partner involved in the training too which really helped us just to finish off Zoe made us feel comfortable she didn't train us like we were dogs what was also nice was Zoe gave me a call a few weeks after to check his progression and in no way shape or form did she try to pressure us into booking another session, thanks again Zoe, Jamie Jodie and Fido"


Jamie & Jodie with Fido the Border Terrier.

 "Highly Recommended"


"Excellent service and really patient and explains things very clearly. We have seen a marked improvement in our dog since the sessions. We recommend."



Russ with Walt the Cockapoo.



"Bespoke Training For Your Dog"


"Zoe is amazing. She came to our house when our puppy was only a few months old. Addressed the issues we were having. Gave us training techniques. We would practice them and she would return when we needed more help."


Storme with Parker the Cocker Spaniel.




"Zoe came to our house to see Buddy our 2 year old Golden Retriever as he had a few training issues. She was very professional and very knowledgeable and gave us some great ways to keep Buddy stimulated and also came out with us on a walk to train him not to pull and it really worked. Zoe was even kind enough to keep in touch to see how Buddy was doing. I would highly recommend Zoe."


Jacky with Buddy the Golden Retriever.



"George Is A Much Calmer Dog Now"


"Zoe was very good with our dog George, she gave us lots of tips to stop him jumping up at people. Also showed us ways to distract him from paying too much attention to other dogs/people whilst on a walk. George is a much calmer dog now."


Mick & Sue with George the Boston Terrier.



"Great Advice"


"Thank you Zoe for helping with training my Cavapoo to stop growling when he has something he shouldn’t. The advise and training is working and he is getting better at us taking things away from him."


Sarah with Buddy the Cavapoo.



"Knowledgeable and Friendly"


"Zoe was excellent at helping me with my 10 year old dog who was struggling to adapt to me having a baby. Zoe is very knowledgeable and friendly, following her advice I saw an immediate improvement with my dog who is now happier and less anxious. Thank you!"


Natalie with Biscuit the Poodle.


"Our puppy is a joy to have thanks to K9 training & Behaviour"


"Zoe is fantastic for 1-2-1 training. Super helpful and so professional. We couldn't be happier with the training and our puppy is a joy to have thanks to K9 training & Behaviour"


Gemma with Annie the Dachshund.


"Instructions are clear and surprisingly easy to follow"


"We have 3 dogs one of whom is quiet difficult to handle especially on walks. After just one session with Zoe we were able to deal much better with him - even though he is already an adult. We learned so much about handling our dogs in now three sessions. I would highly recommend Zoe to anyone who has a dog. Her instructions are clear and surprisingly easy to follow and make perfect sense. Defiantly worth calling Zoe!"


Alison with Bubble the Golden Retriever Cross

"Our lives have been much improved"


"Last year my wife and I adopted a rescue dog. We'd both had dogs before but that was many years ago and our previous dogs were medium-sized and good-natured. Hiro our rescue dog is very different: large, boisterous, very strong and very prone to mouthing us and our visitors. Walking him was a constant struggle and the mouthing made us worry about the safety of our children. We had two video sessions with Zoe during which she showed us how to get walks under control and what we were doing wrong when we tried to stop Hiro mouthing. Its fair to say that our lives have been much improved: walkies no longer feels like a constant tug-of-war and in the house, Hiro is much calmer and very rarely attempts to mouth us"


David with Hiro the American Akita

"Zoe did a fantastic job of training them"


"We found Zoe when we most needed her. I was ill and we had two 7 months old puppies to train. It is hard to train one puppy but two at the same time when they gang up on you is almost impossible. Well, not for Zoe. After a few weeks of training I had to have surgery and we asked Zoe if she was brave enough to take on the two charges and train them on her own while we were away. Zoe did a fantastic job of training them and even made my recovery speedier by sending us videos of what the puppies had learned. Zoe knows her stuff. She is gentle and softly spoken but not much escapes her and she certainly doesn't let the dogs get away with much disobedience. Being a good trainer is not easy as you not only have to train the dogs but in most cases their owners need training more than the dogs. She does it brilliantly. Professional, punctual, gentle but firm. That is Zoe. We thoroughly recommend Zoes training."


Myra with Laika & Bob, German Shepherd Cross

"I am so pleased I attended K9 Training & Behaviour"


"I am so pleased I attended K9 Training & Behaviour with my beautiful shepherd, initially we completed a 6 weeks puppy course, I was so impressed with Zoe's expertise. Whatever problem I encountered Zoe had a solution. We enjoyed her classes so much we continued to attend her adult classes and my dog has gone on to achieve her Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club awards. I strongly recommend Zoe she is totally committed and a dedicated trainer."


Breda with Mysti the German Shepherd.

"The puppy classes were fantastic"


"We were recommended to K9 Training & Behaviour, as we had never had a dog before we went along. We met Zoe who was in charge and ran the classes herself. She made us feel very welcome and gave us a comprehensive owners pack with all the information we needed. The puppy classes were fantastic. Relaxed and fun but we learnt a lot. Teaching both us and our puppy what to do and how to achieve good behaviour, and therefore enjoying the experience of a puppy joining our family. As the years went on we still continued to attend the classes because we still had things to learn and improve on. Each week we saw the same core of people. Zoe continued to support and guide us for many years. She had a very calm manner and immediately made you feel at ease. We had many happy years with our much loved and well behaved - most of the time - dog!"


Anne with Jesse the Border Collie.

"I became the owner of a very well behaved large GSD"


"I took my puppy GSD to K9 Training & Behaviour puppy classes, where it taught him to be social with other dogs, enjoyed it so much that we stayed on to adult training. Zoe was gentle but firm and I became the owner of a very well behaved large GSD. I would certainly recommend K9 Training & Behaviour."


Linda with Blake the German Shepherd.



"Thank you"


"I just like to say thank you for the puppy course and all the advice sheets. I now have a well trained GSD I can take with me anywhere. Thank you"


Karen with Skye the German Shepherd

"The online puppy course has been invaluable"


"Zoe has helped us so much! We recently adopted a Chihuahua 2 1/2 years old. Shes an amazing, fantastic loving dog but was not used to walking on the lead and she was not socialized very well either. Walking her proved really difficult as she just would not want to go out at all and when we managed to get her out all of a sudden she would just stop and refuse to move. It was very frustrating for both us and Kimchi. After just one session with Zoe I was able to take Kimchi out and encourage her in a way where walking became an ease! It really was outstanding just how quickly Zoe's coaching advice, hints and tips massively improved how our dog was able to change her habit so quickly! I cant thank you enough. Also the online puppy course has been invaluable it showed me that you really can teach an old dog new tricks! Kimchi is a lot more tolerant of other dogs. Since we all now use the same commands with Kimchi we are all now on the same page and loving our new addition to our family!. I would highly recommend K9 training & Behaviour, Zoe is fantastic and certainly knows her stuff."


Julia with Kimchi the Chihuahua


"He has come on leaps and bounds in such a short time"


"I would just like to say a huge thank you for all of your help with Milo, he has come on in leaps and bounds in such a short time and I will be sure to use you again! Thank you for all the tips that you have given me to help with him they have worked wonders Xx "


Lisa with Milo the Shih Tzu