Why Online Training Is More Effective

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Why Online?

Since COVID, puppy training has changed for the better!


Online training is very beneficial for both owners and their puppy.


With many of us now working from home, we not only have more time to train our puppy, but we can train our puppy in a controlled environment, away from scary distractions that might arise at puppy training classes.


Its now normal procedure for doctors, banks, job interviews and puppy training to have consultations online.


It can sometimes take ages for your puppy to settle in a class environment, they may feel overwhelmed and scared of all the other puppies, owners and noises around them.


Imagine yourself trying to study with too many distractions around you? Kids, people chatting, loud music etc. I know where I would prefer to learn!


Your puppy will learn and progress a lot quicker when trained at home with no distractions. This is because your puppy will have established a good bond with you, as well as having a foundation of training skills that will help your puppy feel confident outside in the real world.

Benefits Of Online Training

Train in the comfort of your own home (in your dressing gown or PJs if you wish)


No traveling time - only to your front room or garden!


No missing out on valuable training time waiting for final puppy vaccinations


You can train in your lunch break if you're working from home


No distractions for your puppy of other dogs & people


No weather restriction from snow, wind, rain, Ice etc


The whole family can join in


You can watch the videos in your own time


Still have the friendly supportive community


Have the support and guidance from a puppy trainer


Upload videos of your puppy for helpful reviews


Online training is incredibly effective for your puppy!

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Happy Training!