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As some of you may know, we're HUGE fans of Tug-E-Nuff toys.


They make motivating, durable toys that will help you nail your recall, smash your goals and get simply amazing results!


They have a huge range of toys to suit every breed!


Calm mats are fun and naturally calming for your dogs! Enrichment mat puts your dog’s tongue to work and his mind at rest. For hyperactive doggies that need a little time-out, or for a healthy distraction to anxious or “reactive” behaviour.


Simply smear your chosen treat in the holes and let your pooch (and you!) enjoy a moment of peace.




High quality enamel/solid stainless steel personalize dog/cat ID tags. Guaranteed never to rust or corrode and guaranteed the engraving will be readable for life.


Its A Pets Life is an official distributor for Red Dingo Pet ID tags. Guaranteed by RedDingo.