Why Does My Puppy Keep Biting Me?

From a snuggly cute puppy to a crazy bitey puppy!


Puppy biting is a very common natural behaviour. There are many reasons why your puppy may be constantly biting your hands and feet.


  • They are tired
  • They are over excited
  • They need the toilet
  • They are frustrated
  • They are trying to say no
  • They are just being a puppy



Lets take a look at one of them - Are they tired?


Have they been on the go all day?


When you welcome a new puppy into your home they will be curious and excited about the new environment around them. There will be lots of things to investigate in each room in your house as well as meeting your family and friends. As much as this is very exciting for your puppy, it can also be very tiring for them, as they will not want to miss all the excitement of the new things going on around them.


Did you know that your puppy needs at least 18-20 hours sleep in every 24 hours. That only leaves 4-6 hours of being awake! 


That's not much awake time is it? How much sleep do you think your puppy is actually getting now?


If its less then 18-20 hours then your puppy may well be over tired and that could be one of the reasons that they are biting your hands and feet.


Sometimes your new puppy will not know how to switch off and will just keep going to the point that they start to get irritable, thus then diverting that energy on to you by jumping up and tugging at your jumper or socks.


Sometimes we need to step in and take them to a quiet place in your home that they can settle down and get some rest.


Another area to think about is are your training sessions too long? 


Training your puppy is important. There will be lots of new things that you will want to train your puppy to do, or not to do for example; not to jump up, not to pull on the lead, not to steal the children's toys etc. Your puppy's attention span is very short. If we are trying to train them for longer then 5 minutes at a time, they may switch off and start to get frustrated, thus wanting to bite your hands and feet to relieve that frustration.



So if your puppy starts to turn into a Tasmanian devil, ask yourself if your puppy has had enough sleep recently?


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