Flirt Pole For Dogs

Chaser Tug / Flirt Pole


A fun and easy way to entertain your dog. They are especially great for high energy dogs because it will help keep your dog mentally and physically active. They can tire your dog out in one quick session.


Tug-e-nuff sheepskin chaser tug is a long piece of durable materiel with a handle. Attached to the end is a piece of sheepskin to entice your dog to chase it.


They provide great exercise and are mentally stimulating. They naturally let your dog use their prey drive in a safe and non destructive way. They are also great to help your dog practice impulse control such as letting go on command.



When playing remember to let your dog win or catch the lure on occasions as a reward. this way you’re making the game more engaging and fun, and that will encourage them to keep playing. If they don’t get that chance to win they can become discouraged and uninterested in the game.


Playing games with the sheepskin chase tug is high impact and can be hard on your dogs joints. Always take it slow when starting out. If your dog isn’t very active to begin with start with short sessions and work your way up to longer ones.


Word of caution for puppies and dogs that are prone to injuries, have arthritis or mobility issues: If your dog has any joint or mobility issues I would not recommend using the chaser tugs. The high impact exercise can cause further joint damage. If this is the case opt for lower impact exercises instead.


You can check out Tug-e-nuff products using this link: Tug-e-nuff


What is it about this sheepskin chaser that makes it so magnetic?

  • Tough and durable with a double webbed extra strong handle
  • Comfortable play - no bending required (thanks to the super long handle)
  • Mimics prey to transform your dog’s focus and recall
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor play
  • Enticing even for dogs with low play drive
  • Unleash hours of interactive play and keep boredom at bay