The Online Puppy Training Course

Owning a puppy will bring many smiles and laughter to your home, but the first few weeks can be very overwhelming! The sleepless nights, stepping in puddles of wee, constantly chasing your puppy around the house when they have stole a sock or tea towel of the washing line, having your puppy pulling you down the road on a walk, jumping up on visitors and chewing everything in sight!


After completing the online puppy training course you will have a puppy that is well mannered, from sitting nicely when meeting and greeting visitors, waiting before walking through a door, walking nicely on a loose lead, peeing and pooing outside, chewing on their own toys and having a puppy that will come back to you when called.


In just four weeks you will have all the knowledge and skills to train your puppy through to adulthood!


Benefits Of The Online Puppy Training Course

  • Train your puppy in just 4 weeks.
  • Easy step by step guides.
  • Ideal from the moment you bring your puppy home.
  • No waiting for final vaccinations.
  • No rushing back home from work to attend classes.
  • Train in the comfort of your own home in your own time.
  • Unlimited email support for 4 weeks.
  • Join our closed Facebook group for extra support.
  • Access the course on your mobile phone and continue your training outside (needs the internet for access).


What You Will Learn

  • Having your puppy focus on you indoors and outside.
  • Teaching your puppy to sit, lay and stand on command.
  • How to stop your puppy jumping up at you and visitors.
  • Teaching your puppy to come to you when called.
  • How to teach your puppy to wait at the door/roadside.
  • Teaching your puppy to walk nicely on the lead.
  • Train your puppy to leave food/items on the floor.
  • Help with your puppy chewing/biting you and the furniture.
  • Teaching your puppy to stay.
  • Teaching your puppy to drop an item.
  • And much more!

Cost: -  £10 - Puppy Biting Mini Course.


What others are saying:


"It was better then expected"


"We learnt so much, thank you!"


"Really enjoyed it"


"Fab course!"


"My puppy has really improved in such a short time"


"The puppy course has been invaluable, Thank you!""




Course Details:


You will have access to the course straight away.


The mini course can be completed in your own time.


Exercises are a video tutorial with a detailed step by step guide for each exercise.


Watch the videos as many times as you like.