Puppy Training Courses

We have helped thousands of puppy owners on their training journey, which include various celebrities.

Giving your puppy the best start in life is essential to raising a well trained happy dog,

that you can be proud to take anywhere!

Toilet Training

Fed up of waking up to pee & poop?


Always stepping in puddles of pee?


Feeling tired & overwhelmed?



Puppy Biting

Has your puppy turned onto a crazy shark biting puppy?


Do you wish that you could stroke your puppy without biting you?



Confident Puppy

Socialization is often misunderstood & if not introduced correctly, will lead to a very scared & nervous puppy.


Want a calm & confident puppy that you can take anywhere?


Puppy Power

Have you just got a puppy? Are you feeling excited to start your training journey?


Want the best start for your puppy?


Feeling anxious & overwhelmed?




Feeling worried about carrying on the training on your own?


Want the support of like-minded puppy parents?


Want all your puppy questions answered?


Reliable Recall

Is your puppy ignoring you when outside?


Is your puppy more interested in other dogs & people?