Dog Training

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Owning a dog will bring many smiles and laughter to your home, but as they grow up some behavioural problems may start to appear.


Is your dog pulling you down the road when your walking him? Is your dog jumping up at people? Does your dog run off over the forest and not come back to you when you call him?


We are here to help and guide you with any problems that you may be having with your dog. Whether it may be joining our online dog training course, having a home training session or a quick video call to help with any dog related questions that you may need answering.


Online Dog Training Course

Want to train your dog in your own time at home? But still want to learn all the exercises that you would in a training class?


Maybe you are just not able to attend regular classes due to other commitments? Or maybe your dog may find classes overwhelming and not able to focus on the training?


Train your dog in the comfort of your own home with our online training plan. In just 4 weeks you will have all the knowledge and skills to carry on your training through to late adulthood!

Home Visit

Dog training classes are not always effective for every dog. It may be that they are unable to focus on the training or that you are unable to make regular classes. Train with our one on one training sessions in the comfort of your own home.


A customized training plan that will cover; jumping up, pulling on lead, recalls, barking, chasing bikes and more.

Personalized Dog Video Call Training

Video calls can help you with some basic advice and guidance to some common problems or questions that you may have with your dog: jumping up at you or visitors, barking for attention, toilet training, pulling on lead, recalls and more.

Vet Referral Consultations

A behavioural consultation for the assessment and treatment of emotional and behavioural problems in dogs.


Behavioural consultations on a vet referral will ensure that the problems are behavioural and not a medical cause. As some underlying medical conditions can lead to daily pain/discomfort in your pet which could be the underlying cause of your dogs aggression.