Vet Referral Behaviour Consultations

Vet Referral Behaviour Consultations CAN ALSO BE ARRANGED


A behavioural consultation is for the assessment and treatment of emotional and behavioural problems in dogs.


Behavioural consultations on a vet referral will ensure that the problems are behavioural and not a medical cause. Some underlying medical conditions which can lead to daily pain/discomfort in your pet, may be part of the underlying cause of your dogs aggression. Also there may be times when the veterinary surgery wishes to progress with the behavioural process in conjunction with medical treatment.


A behavioural plan will consist of an initial consultation lasting up to 2 hours long in the comfort of your own home or in the location where the unwanted behaviour occurs. During this time we will assess your dog and establish why the behaviour occurs and then put together a behavioural modification programme for you and your dog to work through. A written report will be sent to you and the referring veterinary surgery after the initial consultation. An additional follow up session 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation is recommended, to ensure that the behavioural modification programme is working and to discuss any related issues if necessary.


Cost from £120

Lasting up to 2 hours - includes a detailed behavioural modification plan.


Follow Up Sessions £55

1 hour - usually recommended 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation.


Behavioural Consultation Package £155

Initial session lasting up to 2 hours, plus a follow up session of an hour - includes a detailed behavioural modification plan and ongoing phone/email support.


Common Behavioural Problems

Separation Anxiety


Chewing & Destructive Behaviour


Obsessive Licking/Grooming








Excessive Barking


Aggression Towards Other Dogs


Aggression Towards Other People


Resource Guarding


Toileting Training


Chasing Behaviours




Attention Seeking Behaviour


Compulsive Orders


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