Dog Training

Dog Home Training


Dog home training sessions are ideal for those that wish to have one on one training sessions in the comfort of their own home/environment to enable better focus in learning new exercises/skills for you and your dog.


Dog training classes are not always effective for every dog. It may be that your dog may finds classes too stressful or overwhelming, and is not able to focus on the training.


Its best to start training as soon as you can for a well behaved and social dog. Early learning can help prevent any unwanted behaviourial problems later on in your dogs life.


Training is all about making it fun and rewarding to your dog by using reward based methods. All members of the family are welcome to participate.

Does Your Dog...

  • Get Over Excited When Meeting People/Dogs
  • Jump Up
  • Pull On Lead
  • Run Away When Called
  • Chew Everything
  • Bark Excessively
  • Steal Things
  • Dig Up Your Garden
  • Chase Bikes/Cars
  • Needs Some Basic Training Skills; Sit, Down, Wait, Stays


A customized training plan to suit you and your dogs needs.


Cost: £55 per session.

Dog Home Training Session lasts between 1 hour - 1.5 hours long.

Additional training time is charged at a rate of £35 per hour.

For more information or to book in for your dog training session, please contact us on:

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